How can I be successful with my Airbnb? #PHOTOS

Do you also wonder how you can be successful on Airbnb with your property?

Have you already listed a property on Airbnb (and/or other booking platforms), but it’s not working as well as expected?
Do you want to start your Airbnb business, but you are not sure what you should consider to be successful?
Well, then we can help out with our blog post.
There are many parameters you should consider if you want to manage your BnB professionally, we start in this post with the topic photos.

The images are the business card of your Airbnb

Maybe you didn’t know it, or you didn’t take it into account until now, but most of the people who view your listing (whether on Airbnb, Expedia or any other platform), will choose your property based on the pictures. That’s why it’s so important that your photos look professional and appealing.

How can you achieve it? Below you will find some tips:

#1 Professional Photos

Professional and high quality photos are the meat and potatoes of your BnB business, this is why you should focus on them.
If you don’t like taking pictures yourself and photography is not your strength, we recommend to hire a professional photographer. Believe us, it will be definitely worth it.
You can also hire a photographer from Airbnb. However, these pictures can only be used for Airbnb listings. If you want to use the photos of your property for several booking portals, it is better to choose an independent photographer.

#2 Clean up your apartment

No matter whether you take pictures of your apartment yourself or a professional photographer does, your apartment HAS TO be tidy. It may sound a little weird, but there are many listings on Airbnb that show a messy property. It is important that the first impression the viewer gets from the pictures, will be the one of a nice and tidy home.

#3 Portrait format vs. horizontal format

You can directly remove portrait pictures from your gallery. Such pictures simply don’t look appealing in your listing.
Especially a combination of portrait and horizontal pictures is catastrophic for your listing. To do best, upload only sharp and high-quality images.

#4 Pictures of details? Only if significant

We are not supporters of these kinds of pictures. However, if you want to present and highlight a detail in your listing, please upload only significant pictures. If, for example, you write in your listing that you have a super cool coffee machine in your apartment, then you are welcome to upload a picture of it.  But please, do not upload pictures of an orchid :-)!

》There are many things you should keep in mind in order to create a neat and appealing listing. Rockyourbnb can help you in the creation of the perfect listing for your property. Check out our service section for more information.
If you would like more tips on BnB Optimization, you are welcome to have a look at our next blog posts.《