What is the difference between short and long-term rentals?

If you are just about to decide which type of rental is suitable for your property, then our article will help you.
However, before you decide which type of rental is the best for you, you should be aware of the respective legal obligations. Since we do not offer legal advice, we recommend that you discuss your project with your advisor. 
In general, it can be said that both types of rental can generate a very profitable income stream, as long as important criteria are observed and the administrative work load is not underestimated.
In the following we will discuss three possible rental models.

Short-term rental

In the case of short-term rental, we generally speak of a rental period of less than six months. Most people associate the term with a period ranging from one night to a few weeks. Thanks to the rapidly growing market for home-sharing booking platforms, it has become clear that short-term rental is a lucrative way to generate income.
One of the most popular and user-friendly booking platforms is Airbnb. Du